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Technology & Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship

To cope with the increaseing global challenges new techologies, (disruptive) innovation and novel business models play a pivotal role. This is because it is new technologies which emerge at the interface of different, hitherto separted sectors that have the potential to enable the needed sustainability transition. Our central research interest is how new technologies and innovations emerge, develop, diffuse in order to shape start-ups, established firms and entire industries. In specific, we enjoy exploring related research questions within the emerging field of the digitalization and the bioeconomy, which encompasses life sciences and adjacent fields. We strongly believe in interdisciplinary research, which is reflected by our close cooperation with colleagues from other disciplines, e.g. data science or industrial biotechnologists, in a number of research projects.

Our team in particular on three research areas which are as follows:

(1) Strategic technology management in an era of convergence

(2) Innovation management, tech transfer and entrepreneurship

(3) Public understanding of technology and innovation.



Our research projects are theoretically sound, empirically challenging and informed by practical questions stemming from food and agribusiness. We utilize qualitative and quantitative data which is evaluated through both multivariate statistical methods and qualitative content analysis approaches. The results have been published in both scientific journals and policy-related outlets, as well as used for industrial applications and educational outreach.