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BioWance, Belgium (CropEnergies)

On the eighth of May 2015, 34 students of the AFECO and AFEPA Master programs of the University of Bonn had the chance to visit a bioethanol production facility in Wanze, Belgium. BioWanze is a member of the CropEnergies AG, member of the Südzucker group. It is operating the largest production site of bioethanol in Belgium since 2008. Its innovative production processes made this plant especially interesting to visit.

Through the use of biomass (especially wheat not intended for human consumption) as primary energy source instead of fossil fuel, BioWanze is saving 70% of Co2-emissions. Other than that, protein animal feed and gluten are also produced on-site. In a 90 minute presentation, André Tonneaux Director of BioWanze S.A. introduced us to the history of BioWanze, the different production processes and logistical challenges and was prepared to answer numerous students questions even if challenged several times to reveal company secrets.




Lunch and beverages were then provided so that our physical well-being was ensured and at its best for the upcoming visit of production facilities. With our batteries recharged we now had to put on a helmet, safety glasses and a safety vest: Safety first! The guided visit of the plant led us from the reception of goods at the river to the fermenters, storage facilities, milling halls and the control rooms and gave us a precise image about a state-of-the-art production of renewable energies.
Before leaving back to Bonn, the remaining sandwiches from lunch were eaten up and all remaining questions were addressed in a quick Q&A session. Thank you very much for this great opportunity and this insight into the BioEconomy!