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Excursion Fromme Landhandel and Cargill

On seventh of May, 2014 30 Master students of Agricultural and Food Economics and doctoral students from the University of Bonn got the great opportunity to explore the food supply chain on practice. With that purpose our group has travelled to Salzgitter located in Lower Saxony where the students got the chance to get to know the companies Wilhelm Fromme Landhandel GmbH & Co.KG and Cargill GmbH.


At first we were warmly welcomed by Kurt Fromme owner and general manager of Wilhelm Fromme Landhandel GmbH & Co.KG, family owned company now in its 9th generation, established in 1781 in Salzgitter. Today the company has business relationship with different countries worldwide. During lunch, our students got an overview of the company’s business position on the agribusiness markets introduced by one of the main brokers.

Our excursion continued with the next visit to Cargill which has a long, rich heritage, starting with Cargill's-first grain storage facility on the American frontier in 1865. The company has grown to become one of the largest, privately-owned businesses, providing food, agricultural, risk management, financial, and industrial products and services around the globe. Our students got an introduction to the production process of rapeseed oil which is used for both biofuel and food purposes. Afterwards, the students were divided into 2 groups and each of those got an opportunity to see how the production process is holding on practice. The students were not only guided through the plants, but also got a great chance to get on touch with general Manager, Mr. Steep, of the company and the future job possibilities there.



Tired but happy we took our trip back to Bonn. The dark blue plastic bags with the packages of wheat inside with the logo “Wilhelm Fromme” were sitting next to everyone’s chair. Now we know how the production process works and we are grateful for the possibility given us! Thank you very much!