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Dr. Laura Carraresi



PhD Innovation Technology for Agri-food and Environmental Sciences – Specialisation: Agricultural Economics

Laureate degree in Food Science and Technology

Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin

Professur für Technologie- und Innovationsmanagement im Agribusiness

Tel. +49 (0) 228 73 3504
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  • Innovationsmanagement in der Agrar- und Ernährungswirtschaft
  • Wertkettenanalyse
  • Bioökonomie
  • Aufbauorganisation der Lebensmittelunternehmen
  • Wettbewerbsfähigkeit Ernährungswirtschaft
  • Marketing-Management von Lebensmittelunternehmen


Seit 2015
Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin am Institut für Lebensmittel- und Ressourcenökonomik der Universität Bonn, Professur für Technologie- und Innovationsmanagement im Agribusiness (Prof. Dr. Stefanie Bröring)

2010 - 2015
Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin in der Department of Economics, Management and Quantitative Methods (Agri-food and Natural Resource Economics Area), University of Milano, Italy.

Forschungsaufenthalt an der Agro-Food Economics and Natural Resources Unit, Center for Agro-Food Research and Technology of Aragon (CITA), Zaragoza, Spain.

Forschungsaufenthalt an der Department of Agricultural Economics, Faculty of Bioscience Engineering, Ghent University, Belgium.

2006 - 2009
Doktorandin in der Department of Agricultural, Food, and Environmental Economics and Policy, University of Milano, Italy. PhD school in ‘Innovation Technology for Agri-food and Environmental Sciences’.

2000 - 2005
Diplom Lebensmittelwissenschaft und Technologie an der University of Milano, Italy. 

Preise & Stipendien

Stipendium der Universität Mailand (Italien) für das Projekt ‘Economic resources, strategies and performance of the SMEs in the European agri-food system: an empirical analysis of causality relationships comparing different regions’, Principal Investigator (2010-2014).

Stipendium der Universität Mailand (Italien) für das Projekt ‘Improved marketing and food supply chain organisation methods for traditional food products’ (2006-2010).  


European Association of Agricultural Economists (EAAE)


Artikel (peer-review)

Wensing, J., Carraresi, L., Bröring, S. (2019).Do pro-environmental values, beliefs and norms drive farmers' interest in novel practices fostering the Bioeconomy? Journal of Environmental Management, 232: 858-867. In press. Link

Carraresi, L., Berg, S., Bröring S. (2018). Emerging value chains within the bio-economy: structural changes in the case of phosphate. Journal of Cleaner Production, 183: 87-101.

Khedkar, S., Carraresi, L., Bröring, S. (2017). Food or pharmaceutical? Consumers perception of health-related borderline products, PharmaNutrition, 5(4):133-140.

Ciliberti, S., Carraresi, L., Bröring S., (2016). External knowledge sources as drivers for cross-industry innovation in the Italian food sector: does company size matter?, International Food and Agribusiness Management Review, 19(3): 77-98.

Carraresi, L., Mamaqi, X., Albisu, L. M. and Banterle, A. (2016). Can Strategic Capabilities Affect Performance? Application of RBV to Small Food Businesses,Agribusiness - An International Journal, 32(3): 416-436.

Ciliberti, S., Carraresi, L., Bröring, S. (2016). Drivers of innovation in Italy: food versus pharmaceutical industry, British Food Journal, 118(6): 1292-1316. 

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Banterle, A., Cavaliere, A., Carraresi L., Stranieri, S. (2014). Food SMEs face increasing competition in the EU market: Marketing management capability is a tool for becoming a price maker, Agribusiness – An International Journal, 30(2): 113–131. 

Gellynck, X., Banterle, A., Kuhne, B., Carraresi, L., Stranieri, S. (2012). Market orientation and marketing management of traditional food producers in the EU, British Food Journal, 114(4): 481–499. 

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Banterle, A., Carraresi, L., Cavaliere, A. (2011). What is the role of marketing capability to be a price maker? An empirical analysis in Italian food SMEs, Economia & Diritto Agro-alimentare, XVI (2): 245–261. 

Banterle, A., Carraresi, L., Stranieri S. (2010). Small business marketing capability in the food sector: The cases of Belgium, Hungary, and Italy, International Journal on Food System Dynamics, 1(2): 94–102. 

Banterle A., Cavaliere A., Stranieri S., Carraresi L. (2009). European traditional food producers and marketing capabilities: An application of marketing management process, Applied Studies in Agribusiness and Commerce - Apstract, 3(5–6): 41–46. 

Banterle A., Carraresi L. (2007). Competitive performance analysis and European Union trade: The case of the prepared swine meat sector, Food Economics – Acta Agriculturae Scandinavica Section C, 4(3): 159–172.



Carraresi, L., Bröring, S. (2019). Resilient business models: what elements do companies (need to) redesign when responding to sustainability transitions? Annual Conference of Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Knowledge Academy, Verona (Italy), June 11-13, 2019.

Tsvetanova, L., Carraresi, L., Bröring, S. (2018). A second generation of biorefineries leads to new emerging value chains: The case of lignocellulosic biomas. 12th International European Forum on System Dynamics and Innovation in Food Networks, Igls-Innsbruck (Austria), February 05-09, 2018. 

Wensing, J., Carraresi, L., Bröring, S. (2017)Utilisation of agricultural by-products: What drives farmers´ interest to adopt innovative practices?, XV EAAE "Towards sustainable agri-food systems: balancing between markets and society", Parma (Italy), August 29th - September 1st 2017.

Wensing, J., Carraresi, L., Bröring, S. (2017). Cascading Usage of Agricultural By-products: Target Industries, Drivers and Barriers in the Case of Tomato Plant Residuals, XV EAAE Congress "Towards sustainable agri-food systems: balancing between markets and society", Parma (Italy), August 29th - September 1st 2017.

Carraresi, L., Bröring, S. (2017)Deriving value from agricultural by-products leads to the emergence of novel value chains. The case of phosphate recovery, XV EAAE Congress "Towards sustainable agri-food systems: balancing between markets and society", Parma (Italy), August 29th - September 1st 2017. 

Carraresi. L., Bröring, S. (2017)Categorization of systemic approaches to innovation across agri-food chains: What do we know? IFAMA World Conference 2017, Miami (USA), June 18-21, 2017.