Ingo Birkle
Research topics
  • Sustainable food consumption
  • Animal welfare
  • Sustainable production of food
Selected publications

Journal publications (peer reviewed)

Birkle, I., Klink-Lehmann, J., Hartmann, M. (2022): Different and alike: Level and determinants of public acceptance of fattening pig, beef cattle and broiler farming in Germany, Meat Science, Special Issue 193(108946).

Contributions to scientific conferences

Birkle, I.; Klink-Lehmann, J.; Simons, J.; Hartmann, M. (2019): Public acceptance towards pig husbandry in Germany - A structural equation modelling approach. Paper presented at the 8th EAAE PhD Workshop, June 10-12 2019, Uppsala, Sweden.

Journal publications (not peer reviewed)

Simons, J., Birkle, I., Hartmann, M. (2019): Bilderwelten der Nutztierhaltung - Kluft zwischen Idealvorstellung und Wahrnehmung als Treiber für den Wettbewerb, Fleischwirtschaft 1(2019): 21-24.

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