Linmei Shang
Dr. Linmei Shang
  • Institute for Food and Resource Economics
Research topics
  • Economics and Agricultural Policy
Selected publications

Shang, L., Wang, J., Schäfer, D., Heckelei, T., Gall, J., Appel, F., & Storm, H. (2023). Surrogate modelling of a detailed farm‐level model using deep learning. Journal of Agricultural Economics

Shang, L., Pahmeyer, C., Heckelei, T., Rasch, S., & Storm, H. (2023). How much can farmers pay for weeding robots? A Monte Carlo simulation study. Precision Agriculture, 1-26. 

Shang, L., Heckelei, T., Gerullis, M. K., Börner, J., & Rasch, S. (2021). Adoption and diffusion of digital farming technologies - integrating farm-level evidence and system interaction. Agricultural systems, 190, 103074. 

Shang, L., Jafari, Y., & Heckelei, T. (2020). Market and Welfare Impact Assessment of the Target Price-Based Subsidy Program in the Chinese Cotton Market. Asian Journal of Agriculture and Development, 17(1362-2020-1100), 53-70.

Jafari, Y., Shang, L., Kuhn, A., & Heckelei, T. (2023). The National and Regional Impact of the EU Bioeconomy Strategies on the Agri-Food Sector: Insights from Germany. German Journal of Agricultural Economics.

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