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Bonn Wageningen Cooperation - BOWACO

The 'Rheinische-Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn' with its various Life Science related Faculties and 'Wageningen Universiteit' have many longstandig relationships. Common interests, personal contacts and easy distance provide a solid basis for cooperation between the two neighbours.

Both universities have identified the further development of their cooperation as one of their development interests. A Memorandum of Understanding provides a formal umbrella.

Core activities focus on joint study programs between Wageningen and the Bonn Agricultural Faculty, joint initiatives for the development of study concepts, cooperation in PhD programs, and on research cooperation.


Joint Study Program

The universities have agreed on a joint study program (Double Degree Study Program) that builds on existing regular study programs in Bonn (Agricultural and Food Economics AFECO) and Wageningen (Management, Economics and Consumer Studies MME) and allows successful students to earn degrees in both universities simultaneously.

It is open for students of the listed regular study programs if they fulfill the requirements of the joint study program. Participating and successful students receive the degree of their original study program in the home university and a M.Sc. degree in their host university.

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