Agricultural Land Markets - Efficiency and Regulation (FORLand I) – 2017 until 2020

Subproject 4 "Is regulating agricultural land prices warranted? - A microstructure analysis of its impact and justification"

Funding: German research foundation (DFG) research unit FOR2569


In recent years, a primary concern both of existing as well as proposed regulation of the farmland market is the risk of farmers being “priced out of the market” for a farmland parcel. This risk is perceived as having considerably increased due to two trends: an increasing presence of non-agricultural investors in farmland markets, and an increasing pressure on farmland from the worldwide tendency of urbanization and urban sprawl. Against this backdrop, we will estimate the price effects of existing regulation of the farmland market as well as price effects of these drivers for new and tougher regulation. These issues are interrelated since existing regulation already aims at protecting farmers from such pressures. We thus look at this topic from two perspectives: does existing regulation work and is there evidence for the perceived pressures that may warrant further regulation? In this sub-project, we analyze (1) the price effects of existing regulation using data from the state of Baden-Wuerttemberg, (2) the price effect of non-agricultural investors in eastern Germany and the Czech Republic, and (3) the price effect of urban sprawl in the Berlin-Brandenburg region. The work packages are closely linked topically and share a common methodology. Throughout we use land prices as the outcome variable, focus on estimating the causal effect of our three “treatments” and control for other determinants of prices in a hedonic regression framework.

Project team:

Prof. Dr. Silke Hüttel, Dr. Stefan Seifert
Prof. Dr. Axel Werwatz, Dr. Jens Kolbe (TU Berlin)

Collaboration partners:

Prof. Dr. Oliver Mußhoff (Uni Göttingen)
Prof. Dr. Martin Odening, Prof. Dr. Matthias Ritter (HU Berlin)
Prof. Dr. Tobia Lakes, Prof. Dr. Daniel Müller (HU Berlin)
Prof. Dr. Vladislav Valentinov (IAMO Halle)
Prof. Dr. Marianne Penker, Prof. Dr. Klaus Salhofer (BOKU Wien)
Prof. Dr. Alfons Balmann (IAMO Halle)



Prof. Dr. Silke Hüttel (
Dr. Stefan Seifert (

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