ILR Seminar Series

Welcome to the ILR Seminar Series! This seminar series targets at fostering the exchange on recent topics and developments in the field of agricultural, agribusiness, food and environmental economics, and is open to all ILR members. We welcome Post-doc presentations and external guests.
This seminar series aims explicitly to give students the possibility to get in touch with recent developments in research but also practice. All students are welcome! For further information please contact (Prof. S. Hüttel)

Upcoming presentations in summer term 2022

Date/Room Presenting Author Title
May 24th, 14:00-15:30 NU Michel Robe The Political Economy of Export Bans and Commodity Price Volatility: Theory and Evidence from Agricultural Markets

*ME   = Meckenheimer Allee 174 (1.008 Seminarraum 1.OG/2nd floor)
*ME2 = Meckenheimer Allee 174 (2.011 Besprechungsraum 2.OG/3rd floor)
*NU   = Nussallee 19 (Seminarraum)
*IPB   = HS XIV (Institut für Photogrammetrie, Nussallee 15)
*COM   = Nussallee 21 (Computerraum)

Presentations held in 2020

Prof. Andreas Thiel.Polycentric governance of social-ecological systems 12 Nov. 2020

Dr. Christian Schleyer."Wolves kill sheep and wild boars plough up agricultural fields" - Interdependencies between society and nature: How can Institutional Economics and the Ecosystem Services Concept help? 17 June 2020

Dr. Elías Cisneros.Palm oil and the politics of deforestation in Indonesia. 21 Jan. 2020

Presentations held in 2019

Dr. Oliver Krebs.RIOTs in Germany - constructing an interregional input-output table for Germany at NUTS3 level. 16 Dec. 2019

Dr. Julia Steinhoff-Wagner.Challenges for pork value chains - testing of elevated animal welfare standards under field conditions. 3 June 2019

Dr. Reinhard Uehleke (mit A. Rauße, S. Seifert, S. Hüttel).Animal welfare and production efficiency in pork production. 3 June 2019

Presentations held in 2018

Prof. Ching-Cheng Chang, Prof. Shih-Hsun Hsu. Nutrition Security and Optimal Dietary Intake in Taiwan. 17 Oct. 2018

Dr. Thomas Kopp. Identifying Influential Traders by Agent Based Modelling. 18 July 2018

Hinrich Schulte. Let the cows graze: an empirical investigation on the trade-off between efficiency and farm animal welfare in milk production. 12 July 2018

Han Zhang. European farmers’ incentives to promote natural pest control service in arable fields. 25 June, 2018

Katherine R Baylis. Predicting Food Security for Early Warning. 19 June 2018

Dr. Svetlana Fedoseeva. Demand for renewables and irreversibility of technological progress. 22 March 2018

Dr. Zhiwei Shen. Identifying local homogeneity with applications to agricultural insurance and land values. 24 Jan. 2018

Dr. Reinhard Uehleke. Agri-environmental policy evaluation using micro data: To match or to model? 10 Jan. 2018

Presentations held in 2017

Dr. Tom Kopp. Bertrand Competition in Oligopsonistic Market Structures – the Case of the Indonesian Rubber Processing Sector. 14 Dec. 2017

Presentations held in 2015

Denitsa Angelova (Leibniz Institute of Agricultural Development in Transition Economies (IAMO)). State-contingent production: the
case of Saxony-Anhalt. 18 Nov. 2015

Mini-Symposium zu Potentialen und Herausforderungen von wetterindexbasierten Versicherungslösungen mehr.... 10 Nov. 2015

Robert Huber (Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape Research WSL). Matching supply and demand in the agricultural provision of environmental goods and services. 04 Nov. 2015

Stefan Mann (Socioeconomics Group, Agroscope Research Station, Tänikon, Switzerland). Responsibility Goods – the concept and two complementary case studies from Sierra Leone. 07 Sep. 2015

Hyung Sik Choi (Bio-economy project, Institute of Agricultural Policy and Markets, University of Hohenheim) "Potential effects of perfect seasonal climate forecasting on agricultural markets, welfare and land use: A case study of Spain". 08 July  2015

Rosane Nunes de Faria (Federal University of Sao Carlos, Brasil) “Empirical evidence on the trade impact of asynchronous regulatory approval of new GMO events”. 01 July 2015

Helmut Saatkamp (Wageningen University, Business Economics Group, The Netherlands) “Highly Contagious Livestock Diseases in economic context: causes, types, extent and distribution”. 12 June 2015

Daniel Müller (Leibniz Institute of Agricultural Development in Transition Economies (IAMO), and Humboldt University of Berlin) "Can the former Soviet Union contribute to reducing the looming global land scarcity"? 19 May 2015

Matthias Kalkuhl (Center for Develoment research, University of Bonn). "Determinants of food price volatility in developing countries – the role of trade and storage policies". June 01, 2015

Mekbib Haile (Center for Develoment research, University of Bonn) ‘Access to Information and Price Expectation Efficiency of Smallholder Farmers: Theory and Empirics’. 10 June 2015

Presentations held in 2014/2015

Sarah Conradt (ETH Zürich, Switzerland). Design of index-based weather insurance contracts – a case study for Kazakhstan. 28 April 2014

Kurt Jäger (Euro Pool System International GmbH). Kooperationen als strategische Mittel der Kundenbindung. 16 May 2014

Chirantan Banerjee (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit, GIZ). Weather Derivatives Revisited: problems, solutions and cases. 14 July 2014

Christian Troost (University of Hohenheim) Dealing with Uncertainty in Agent-Based Simulation: Farm-Level Modeling of Adaptation to Climate Change in Southwest Germany, 11 Dec. 2014

Laura Hombach (University of Aachen) Optimal design of efficient supply chains for biofuels, 11 Dec. 2014

Utkur Djanibekov (University of Bonn) Payments for ecosystem services under revenue uncertainty, 14 Jan. 2014

Jan-Henning Feil (University of Göttingen) Modeling optimal investment and disinvestment decisions in competitive agricultural markets: a real, 29 Jan. 2014

Linda Arata (Università Cattolica, Piacenza) Incorporating Risk in a Positive Mathematical Programming Framework: a Dual Approach, 03 Feb. 2014

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