Transform2Bio – 2019 until 2022

Integrated Transformation Processes and their Regional Implementations: Structural Change from Fossil Economy to Bioeconomy

Funding: BioSC FocusLabs


The phase-out of coal mining initiates major transition processes in the the Rheinische Revier, a lignite mining region, thereby creating a unique opportunity for understanding the socio-technical dynamics and implementation options towards an entire sustainable bioeconomy region. Against this background, Transform2Bio aims to systematically identify transformation trajectories for the implementation of a bioeconomy in the Rheinische Revier that are desirable from a sustainability perspective, feasible from a techno-economic perspective, and acceptable from a stakeholder consensus perspective. In this context, the production economics group contributes to two work packages by (i) evaluating the stakeholder and behavioral considerations, their local specificities as well as their social and economic interdependencies in the Rheinische Revier, and by (ii) analyzing existing and prospective bio-economic relations across value-chains. Insights on potential mass and financial flows are used to identify themes for most promising improvement potentials at the farm level based on economic and environmental indicators. We further explore the relevance of the improvement potential in technology adoption to assess the relevance of new technologies in improving the environmental output for at least the same economic output.

Project team:

Prof. Dr. Silke Hüttel, Dr. Stefan Seifert, Saskia Wolf

Collaboration partners:

Prof. Joachim von Braun, PD Dr. Wolfgang Britz, Prof. Dr. Stefanie Bröring, Prof. Dr. Jan Börner, Prof. Dr. Monika Hartmann, Prof. Dr. Thomas Heckelei (Uni Bonn)
Prof. Jürgen-Friedrich Hake, Prof. Dr. Ulrich Schurr (FZ Jülich)
Prof. Dr. Grit Walther (RWTH Aachen)



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