Technology, Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship

Given the increasing need to implement sustainable development goals and the pressing urge to mitigate challenges such as climate change, new technologies and innovations are not only increasingly necessary but also a fascinating research subject. This is because it is exactly these new technologies and their novel product, process, and business-model applications that are required to facilitate sustainability transitions. Against this background, our central research interest is how new technologies and innovations emerge, develop, diffuse in order to shape value chains within the agri-food sector. In specific, we enjoy exploring related research questions within the emerging field of the (digitalized) bioeconomy, which encompasses life sciences and adjacent fields. We strongly believe in interdisciplinary research, which is reflected by our close cooperation with colleagues from other disciplines, e.g. horticulture, plant sciences or even industrial biotechnologists, and data scientists in a number of research projects.

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Together we investigate the foundations of sustainability transitions from three different focus areas:

(1) Technology Dynamics

(2) Ecosystems and Firms

(3) Individuals

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