Beyond scientific outlets, our research has gained visibility also in technical and educational journals and websites. Such dissemination and communication activities allow our group research to have an impact on scientific community at a wider level, as well as on industry and society as a whole.

We congratulate Dr. Silvan Berg to have started his own Start-up EQPatent in collaboration with the Digitial Hub Bonn.  

Our research project TaReCa has got a spot in the radio program SWR2 Impuls. SWR2 recently interviewed two researchers from RWTH Aachen and Forschungszentrum Jülich - partners with the TIM chair of the Universitz of Bonn and HHU Düsseldorf in the project - in order to have insights on the overall project content and first results. This project examines the alternative use of leaves, stems and roots of pepper plants, which are otherwise regarded as waste and usually simply composted. However, these parts of the plant contain valuable phytochemicals, such as flavonoids, which have antioxidant, antibacterial and antiviral properties, and can therefore find application in pharmacology, medicine and cosmetics. The TaReCa project investigates under which growing conditions the pepper plants produce the highest amount of these valuable phytochemicals. The goal is to valorise residues of agricultural production to extract useful bio-based ingredients for other industries, making the overall process more sustainable. The TIM chair is involved in this project for the analysis of managerial issues associated with the emergence of new value chains and business model innovation rising from the adoption of this new technology. The full interview can be listened by clicking on this link.

The research project greenRelease1 (FocusLab BioSC) has been awarded with the Innovation prize of the German BioRegions. The Jury stated that the development of microgel containers for controlled release of nutrients and protective agents has the potential to solve important problems in agriculture. Our group contributes to this project with an economic assessment through mapping of the knowledge base, technology transfer, and market entry options and a value chain analysis in the case of the new developed technology of microgel containers. More information about the project and the award can be found in the following links:

Functional food and supplements which provided additional health benefits to consumers are a topical subject with respect to research on nutrition and health. Our research on consumers' perception of borderline products like functional food and supplements has gained attention from the Nutraingredients.com network through the following link:

Functional foods that emerge at the borderline of “food” and “pharmaceuticals” appear to fit the description of food as well as pharmaceuticals to some extent. Thus, such products are called “borderline products”. Early results from our research on consumer perception of borderline products have been communicated to the packaging industry members by the Netherlands Packaging Centre through the following link:

First results of the BioSC P-ENG project concerning emerging value chains in the case of phosphate recovery have been published on the newsletter from European Sustainable Phosphorus Platform which includes several stakeholders of the Phosphorus management world, such as industrial partners, government, private and public research. The summary of the article con be found at this link:

The research area which investigates the regulatory issues within the food sector also received attention from the wide public. The results published in three of our scientific publications from 2016, concerning the impact of Health Claims regulation (EC No. 1924/2006) on innovation activity of firms, have been spread to a broad public of stakeholders, through the following links:

In 2012, one of our key topics, namely the consumer perception regarding functional foods, has raised the attention of the network Nutraingredients.com, which interviewed our Chair Prof. Stefanie Bröring as an expert of industry convergence, whose functional foods are an example. The video of the interview is available at the following website:

Our research project on „the adoption of eco-innovations“  has been picked up by the European Commission DG Environment and was published intheir newsletter “Science for Environement Policy”


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