Innovation and Management in Agribusiness
Innovation and Management in Agribusiness

Innovation and Management in Agribusiness

Previous research group: The newly established chair group of Technology, Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship, headed by Prof. Dr. Stefanie Bröring, focuses on current management issues of food and agribusiness. Our central research interest is technology, innovation management and entrepreneurship in agri-food chains and networks. We strive to understand how emerging technologies and innovations (like eg. bio-, nanotech, nutrigenomics or advances in food processing resulting in value-added food ingredients) are adopted by the market, shape existing value chains and may mitigate current challenges on the way to a knowledge-based bioeconomy.

We aim at closely linking theoretical and practical questions in research and education. Our research projects are based on a wide array of quantitative as well as qualitative methods to analyze management questions in the diverse applications fields of food and agribusiness and related sectors (bioeconomy).


  • For the winter semester WS 21-22 we welcome Dr. Christian Baccarella as a substitute professor at the Chair of Innovation and Management in Agribusiness.
  • On 09.06.2022, the BGZ offers a start-up workshop for doctoral students and Post-Docs. Within the workshop, start-up ideas are developed from scientific work. Further information and registration here.
  • As of 01.04.22, Prof. Dr. Stefanie Bröring follows her call to the Ruhr University Bochum and takes over the chair of Entrepreneurship and Innovative Business Models. Dr. Carolin Kamrath is the representative of the chair in Bonn.
  • Within the programme "Agrarsysteme der Zukunft" Prof. Dr. Stefanie Bröring joins the seminar on the project food4future on February 16, 2022, with a Keynote.
  • Prof. Dr. Stefanie Bröring joins the panel "Grüne Innovationen: NRW Hochschulen im Dialog" on Wednesday, March 16, 2022, from 15:00 to 17:00h.
  • This winter term 2021/22, there are again some interesting guest lectures in our modules, more infos here.
  • We are looking for a doctoral student (65%) starting in January, 2022, more infos here.
  • On November 10, 2021, Prof. Dr. Stefanie Bröring joins a talk round to "Resource transition with innovations from NRW" at Gipfeltreffen der Umweltwirtschaft.NRW.
  • On October 06, 2021, Prof. Dr. Stefanie Bröring gives a keynote on "Cross-Industry Innovations for AgriFood-Systems of the Future" at the Space2Agriculture network's annual meeting
  • Prof. Dr. Stefanie Bröring joins the Advisory Board of Land-Innovation-Lausitz
  • Prof. Dr. Stefanie Bröring joins the Expert Committee for Start-up investments at the Landwirtschaftliche Rentenbank.
  • Paper "Evaluation of sustainability-oriented technologies from business perspective - Insights from a multi-stakeholder study" by Carolin Block, Dr. Michael Wustmans and Prof. Dr. Stefanie Bröring was honored as Best PhD Paper at the R&D Management Conference 2021.
  • We are looking for a Post-doctoral researcher (100 %) at the next possible date, more infos here.
  • Paper "Exploring Key Enabling Technologies as Drivers in Transition Processes" by Anna Waßenhoven, Dr. Michael Wustmans, Dr. Natalie Laibach and Prof. Dr. Stefanie Bröring was nominated as a finalist for the Best Paper Award at the XXXII ISPIM Innovation Conference 2021.
  • Agrarzeitung is looking for young talents with innovative ideas for the Förderpreis der Agrarwirtschaft, more infos here.
  • Prof. Dr. Stefanie Bröring on the topic of digitalization in the agricultural industry in WirtschaftsWoche: Link.
  • Innovative ideas searched for KUER Businessplan Competition 2021, more infos here.
  • Prof. Dr. Stefanie Bröring will join the virtual IAMO Forum on June 07, 2021 with a key note on the topic "Moving the bioeconomy from mind to market: What drives technology transfer and innovation adoption?", more infos and registration free of charge here.
  • This semester again, there are interesting guest lectures from industry, consultancy and start-ups in our classes, more infos here.
  • Prof. Dr. Stefanie Bröring presents on March 23, 2021 on the topic "Bioeconomy: From its barriers to bioentrepreneurship and resilient business models" at the OpenInnovation Forum "InvivoQuest", more infos here.
  • Prof. Dr. Stefanie Bröring moderates DECHEMA Virtual Talks about Intrapreneurship on April 22 and 29, 2021, more infos and registration here.
  • Dr. Michael Wustmans as award winner of the BioSC Supervision Award 2020 for outstanding achievements in supervising doctoral students, more infos here.
  • Change of denomination: To reflect more on the activities of our chair in the area of entrepreneurship in research and teaching, the denomination of our chair is renamed to "Technology, Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship".


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