Combinatorial creation of structural diversity for novel high-value compounds


Timespan: 5.2017 – 4.2020

Natural products represent an invaluable source of bioactive compounds. They can serve as chemical frameworks for developing new agrochemicals and pharmaceuticals that are urgently needed to meet the growing demands of modern society. Reinforcing the change of paradigm from synthetic chemistry to sustainable microbial production, CombiCom will thus exploit secondary metabolite pathways to deliver natural compounds and further extend these structures by exploring the non-natural chemical space beyond. We will pursue an integrated approach by joining forces of experts in biology, chemistry and engineering to create synthetic biology-tailored microbial chassis allowing for the sustainable production of novel high-value compounds, which will be evaluated for their anti-phytopathogenic activity and pharmaceutical potential. This endeavor will be accompanied by the assessment of related socioeconomic implications, aiming to evaluate and optimize the market introduction potential of synthetic biology associated products.

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Figure 1: Combinatorial synthesis of novel high-value compounds

In this framework, the TIM Chair group (Research Area 3) contributes to the CombiCom project through its work in WP9 (and WU4) on the following research goals:

Investigation of socioeconomic implications of synthetic biology-driven innovations

  • Explores overall acceptance of synthetic biology, focusing on the current perceptions and challenges that are envisioned for the expected technologies
  • Utilize risk-perceptions studies to understand decision-making processes for emerging technologies
  • Identifies key barriers and success factors for market introduction novel of high-value compounds
  • Elaborates more effective messaging strategies to promote knowledge transfer and cultivate public understanding in this domain
COMBICOM Projektdesign
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Figure 2: Projekt design


Dr. Chad M. Baum

Institute for Food and Resource Economics

Chair for Technology and Innovation Management in Agribusiness

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