Towards a sustainable circular bioeconomy
Mission, management and staff at ILR

About ILR

The Institute of Food and Resource Economics (ILR) is part of the University of Excellence Bonn. It is composed of eleven research groups dedicated to applied economic research on sustainable food and biomass systems. ILR was established on April 1, 2006, when the Institute of Agricultural Economics merged with the Institute of Agricultural Policy, Market Research, and Economic Sociology. 

Our Mission: to advance economic theory and methods to provide evidence-based decision support to all actors of the food system in order to enable a transformation towards a sustainable circular bioeconomy.

MSc Agricultural and Food Economics (AFECO)

Will we be able to feed the world in 2050?

Agricultural economics provide answers to this and other questions – a growing global population, increasing land use conflicts, changing consumer behaviour and ongoing climate change will demand this type of expertise in the future.

The Master study program „Agricultural and Food Economics“ (AFECO) of the University of Bonn provides you with the necessary knowledge and skills for analysis and development of economic activities and related policies from fork to food.

More about us

The Institute for Food and Resource Economics is active internationally, with its research and teaching programs and collaborations. The publications reflect the broad spectrum of issues covered by its research groups as well as the diversity of geographical areas where its research is conducted and providing solutions.  

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Research groups

ILR is an association of eleven professorships and research groups, covering numerous fields of agricultural, food and environmental economics. 

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ILR scientists collaborate with many national and international research partners.

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Find a listing of our publications here.

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