05. June 2023

AFECO students on a Field Trip to Northern Germany AFECO Students on a Field Trip to Northern Germany

Our AFECO students enjoyed an exciting week with inspiring discussions and great weather!

During the Pentecost week, our students could gain practical insights along the whole agri-food value chain - from animal husbandry to food production, trade, markets and marketing.

Mudflat hiking tour in Friedrichskoog
Mudflat hiking tour in Friedrichskoog © Janine Macht
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Starting with a visit to a pig and poultry farm, the students learned about the opportunities and challenges of animal husbandry today and had many fruitful discussions about sustainability and animal welfare. Furthermore, we were able to experience the production of agricultural machinery such as potato harvesters at the GRIMME company where we had a wonderful guiding tour and would have liked to stay longer. Another special experience was the visit of the wholesale market in Hamburg where we had to get up quite early to learn about the complex trading processes of flowers, fruits and vegetables. Moreover, for students who like to stay in research, the research institute GIGA (The German Institute for Global and Area Studies) was very interesting where students engaged in lively discussions. The food companies Zum Dorfkrug and Allos did not only gave us fascinating guiding tours through their production facilities but we were also able to taste a range of delicious food products such as puddings, cereals, and spreads.

Finally, our international students were able to get to know the nature conservation area Wadden Sea where we did a mudflat hike guided by the Schutzstation Wattenmeer in Friedrichskoog. This was a fun and special experience for everyone! In the evenings, students could explore the beautiful city of Hamburg and visit the impressive port of Hamburg.

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