26. April 2024

Inside Bonn's Waste Management Plant Inside Bonn's Waste Management Plant

An Educational Excursion to Müllverwertungsanlage Bonn GmbH

Last Friday, April 19th, students of the AFECO program had the opportunity to explore the inner workings of Bonn's waste management plant as part of their course on "Extended Methods of Empirical Research - Qualitative Methods".

Group picture
Group picture © Leonie Bach
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The Müllverwertungsanlage Bonn GmbH, established in 1992, oversees the management of non-recyclable waste from Bonn and its surrounding regions (2/3 private residual waste and 1/3 industry waste), operating under the umbrella of Stadtwerke Bonn (Bonn Public Utilities).

During the insightful field trip, students gained firsthand experience and understanding of the process by which garbage is transformed into energy. Waste undergoes a two-step process: incineration followed by further treatment. Using advanced technology, Stadtwerke Bonn harnesses energy from this waste. Through incineration, steam is produced and channeled to the nearby Stadtwerke Bonn cogeneration plant, where it is converted into electricity and district heat. Looking ahead, future projects include the development of a new waste management plant in Bonn, equipped with modern machinery and innovative technologies.

We extend our sincere gratitude to Müllverwertungsanlage Bonn GmbH for their invaluable contribution to student education, and for providing transparency regarding the plant's operations.

Students at MVA
Students at MVA © Tania Canevaro
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