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Inside Bonn's Waste Management Plant

Last Friday, April 19th, students of the AFECO program had the opportunity to explore the inner workings of Bonn's waste management plant as part of their course on "Extended Methods of Empirical Research - Qualitative Methods".

Former doctoral student of the Chair of Economic and Agricultural Policy wins Japan Award

Dr. Martin Paul Tabe-Ojong - a former PhD student of the Department of Economics and Agricultural Policy wins the Japan International Award for Young Agricultural Researchers 2023.

More animal welfare or more environmental protection?

Which sustainability goals do people in Germany find more important: Animal welfare? Or environmental protection? Human health is another one of these competing sustainability goals. A team of researchers from the Department of Agricultural and Food Market Research at the University of Bonn have now found that consumers surveyed in their study would rather pay more for salami with an “antibiotic-free” label than for salami with an “open barn” label that indicates that the product promotes animal welfare. The results have now been published in the journal “Q Open.”

AFECO students experiment with forestry management

As part of an excursion, our AFECO students were able to take on the role of a forester and had to decide whether particular trees should remain in the forest or should be cut for economic purposes.

Anyone Keen to Introduce the Bioeconomy Will Have to Get People on Board First

Innovative production methods are needed in order to tackle global challenges such as climate change, population growth and ecosystem loss. This has put strategies for a sustainable bioeconomy that place greater emphasis on using renewable raw materials firmly on the political agenda, both in Europe and around the world. When pursuing strategies of this kind, however, it is important to get the people who will be affected on board first. This is the finding from a study that three researchers from the Institute for Food and Resource Economics at the University of Bonn have recently published in the journal “Technology in Science.”

AFEPA meets AFECO: Field trip to a Bioland farm in Much

On June 10th, a group of AFEPA and AFECO students visited an organic farm in the region of Bonn.

AFECO Students on a Field Trip to Northern Germany

During the Pentecost week, our students could gain practical insights along the whole agri-food value chain - from animal husbandry to food production, trade, markets and marketing.

AFECO students meet policy-makers and lobbyists in Brussels

AFECO students travelled to Brussels in order to discuss the role of European Institutions and Lobbying.

Prof. Daniel Hermann and Prof. Dominic Lemken join the Institute for Food and Resource Economics

The two newest professors of the Institute for Food and Resource Economics of the Faculty of Agriculture both presented their inaugural lectures during the Dies Academicus on December 7th 2022.

Cluster of Excellence: PhenoRob

PhenoRob - Research for the Future of Crop Production

University of Bonn Moves Further up Shanghai Ranking: 76th position worldwide, 13th in the EU

The recently published Shanghai Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU) puts the University of Bonn among the four best universities in Germany. It has been placed 13th in the list of top universities in the EU and 76th in the world. The University of Excellence has thus moved up eight places on last year in a global comparison and five within the EU.

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