Jeanette Leila Klink-Lehmann
  • Institute for Food and Resource Economics
Research topics
  • Information and communication in the food sector
  • Sustainable consumption patterns
Selected publications

Marcus, N., Klink-Lehmann, J., Hartmann, M. (2022): Exploring factors determining German consumers’ intention to eat meat alternatives. Food Quality and Preference, 100, 104610. 

Klink-Lehmann, J., Langen, N., Simons, J., & Hartmann, M. (2022): Jumping on the Bandwagon of Responsibility—Or Not? Consumers’ Perceived Role in the Meat Sector. Sustainability, 14(10), 6295. 

Macht, J., Klink-Lehmann, J., Simons, J. (2022): German Citizens’ Perception of the Transition towards a Sustainable Bioeconomy: A Glimpse into the Rheinische Revier. Sustainable Production and Consumption, 31, 175-189.

Klink-Lehmann, J.; Langen, N. (2019): Illuminating the ‘animal welfare’ consumer via different elicitation techniques. Meat Science, 157, 107861.

Hartmann, M., Klink, J. and Simons, J. (2015). Cause related marketing in the German retail sector: Exploring the role of consumers’ trust. Food Policy, 52, 108-114.

Jeanette Leila Klink-Lehmann
Jeanette Leila Klink-Lehmann
Dipl. Oecotroph.


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