Rienne Wilts
Research topics
  • Computable General Equilibrium Modelling
  • Sustainable Development Goals
  • Household level analysis
Selected publications

Peer-reviewed papers:

Wilts, R., Latka, C., & Britz, W. (2021). Who is most vulnerable to climate change induced yield changes? A dynamic long run household analysis in lower income countries. Climate Risk Management, 33, 100330.

Conference contributions:

Wilts, R., Börner, J., & Britz, W. (2023). European Bioeconomy Policy: Impacts on Low-income Countries in Light of the Sustainable Development Goals. Poster presented at the XVII EAAE Congress, August, 2023.

Wilts, R., & Britz, W. (2022) Quantifying SDG indicators for multiple SSPs up to 2050 with a focus on selected low and middle-income countries and the bio-economy based on CGE analysis. Contribution presented at the GTAP conference, June, 2022.

Wilts, R., Latka, C., & Britz, W. (2021).Who is Affected by Climate Change Driven Yield Impacts in Low (-Middle) Income Countries? A Dynamic Long-Run General Equilibrium Analysis with Household Detail. Contribution presented at the XVI EAAE Congress, July, 2021.

Rienne Wilts


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