StrahL: Target group-specific strategies for more domestic legume consumption


Due to both their ecosystem services and their nutritional properties, legumes are beneficial as plant protein sources for the diet. In its Planetary Health Diet, the EAT-Lancet Commission recommends around 27 kg per person per year. With an average per capita consumption of 2 kg per year, there is considerable room for improvement in Germany.

The project therefore addresses the question of how legume-rich diets can be promoted in Germany and how the acceptance of legumes in the diet can be strengthened. The project focuses on the development of target group-specific strategies to establish legumes as an alternative source of protein. The research is aimed at the consumption-side potential and the resulting environmental impact and develops strategies that are compatible with existing nutritional practices and lead to a reduction in environmental pollution.

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The project focuses on strengthening legume consumption at home by developing target group-specific strategies that remove barriers. The project results in specific findings for food companies, food retailers, nutritional advice, political decision-makers and end consumers. A practice support group is intended to ensure the practicability of the measures developed and provide impetus for practice.

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The following aspects are to be taken into account in particular:

- Identification of target group-specific drivers and barriers to legume consumption,
- Reduction of target group-specific barriers to consumption,
- Strengthening the everyday practicability of a legume-rich diet,
- Measures to increase the willingness to try and enable consumption experiences,
- Exploitation of sensory potential,
- Improving knowledge of the environmental impact of legumes,
- Development of effective marketing strategies and innovative approaches for target group-specific consumer communication.


November 2023 – October 2026
Universität Bonn, Universität Göttingen, Hochschule Fulda, Corsus Research, Zühlsdorf + Partner


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