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Production Economics Group

Meckenheimer Allee 174

Welcome to the Production Economics group at the Institute for Food and Resource Economics (ILR) of the University of Bonn.

Teaching and research of our group focus on the quantitative analysis of farm- and firm-level decisions in the agriculture and food sector.


The American Association of Wine Economists grants Stefan Seifert the AAWE Award of Excellence with a travel grant to the annual conference.

Topic moderation "Neue Betriebszweige" at Expertenworkshop "Alternativen zur klassischen Betriebsentwicklung in der Landwirtschaft" (24.03.2020) for the Forschungsnetzwerk NRW Agrar by Hermann Trenkel.

2 contributions by the Chair of Production Economics accepted at the Annual Conference of the Agricultural Economics Society. (Link)

New ForLand workingpaper "Price dispersion in farmland markets: what is the role of asymmetric information?" by Christoph Kahle, Stefan Seifert and Silke Hüttel. (Link)

Conference talk on the topic "Price dispersion in thin farmland markets: what is the role of asymmetric information?" by Christoph Kahle at the Annual GEWISOLA Conference. (Link)

Pre-conference workshop at the Annual GEWISOLA Conference on the topic "New regulations for farmland markets" organized by Prof.Dr. Silke Hüttel and Andreas Tietz.(Link)

New SiAg workingpaper "Agricultural policy evaluation with large-scale observational farm data: Environmental impacts of agri-environmental schemes" by Reinhard Uehleke, Martin Petrick and Silke Hüttel.(Link)

New research grant for the project "Transform2Bio". (Link)

Conference talk on the topic"Animal welfare and production efficiency in pork production" by Reinhard Uehleke at the 3rd REECAP workshop. (Link)

New ForLand workingpaper "Farm eco-efficiency: can sustainable intensification make the difference?" by Meike Weltin and Silke Hüttel. (Link)

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