Universität Bonn

Credit Calculation

The University of Bonn uses the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS). ECTS is a standard for comparing the study attainment and performance of students of higher education across the European Union and other collaborating European countries. ECTS credits are awarded only when the course has been completed, all requirements have been fulfilled, and examinations have been passed successfully.
At the University of Bonn, one academic year corresponds to 60 ECTS-credits that are equivalent to 1800 hours of study. Accordingly, 1 ECTS credit equals 30 hours of study.
Please note that ECTS is a system based on workload, not on contact hours. For administrators working with a contact hour based system, the transcript also lists the number of contact hours for each class.

More information on ECTS can be found here.

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