Universität Bonn


Master Thesis awards

Theodor Brinkmann-Nachwuchspreis:

Excellent master theses from study programs in the agricultural faculty of the University of Bonn can be awarded 500 €. Awarding is scheduled twice a year. Check the Theodor Brinkmann website for the next call and more information on your application.

Hans H. Ruthenberg - Graduate Award:

Outstanding diploma or master theses in the field of food security can be awarded at least 2,500 € per prize-winner. Visit the Foundation fiat panis website for more information.


Master theses and dissertations in the areas of nutrition and consumer research can be awarded 750 €. Find out more about the application process at the BerufsVerband Oecotrophologie e.V. (VDOE) website.

Science Award of the Gregor Luisoder Environment Foundation:

Theses or dissertations in the area of environmental protection and nature conservation. Papers can be submitted on an ongoing basis and are awarded 2,500 €. Find out more about the foundation and the prize on the GLUS website.

Organic Food Research Prize: 

Master theses and dissertation that deal with the organic food industry or a related topic in the field of sustainability. The best master thesis will receive 3,000 €, the best dissertation 5,000 €. Check the Forschungspreis Bio-Lebensmittel website for the next call and more information on your application.

Stockmeyer Award for Young Scientists: 

Theses with the aim of supporting food research in the interest of safe food. The prize is endowed with 2,500 €. Find out more at the Heinrich Stockmeyer Foundation website.


Outstanding scientific theses on the subject of horses Gesellschaft zur Förderung der Wissenschaft um das Pferd e.V. (GWP)


A prize since 2016 for theses written by graduates at German universities (in German or English) who have dealt with topics of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in their theses - regardless of their field of study. The prize is endowed with 750 €. World University Service –Deutsches Komitee e.V.

For a (german) longer list of agricultural related awards and prizes, visit this website of agrajo.

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