Elin Martinsson
  • Institute for Food and Resource Economics
Research topics
  • Agricultural technologies and innovations
  • Environmental Economics and Policy
  • Eco-efficiency
I am a PhD student with competence in analysing farm-level effects of novel technology on farm structures and farm sustainability. Particularly, I am interested in contributing knowledge on how to make the agricultural sector more environmentally sustainable.
Selected publications

Martinsson, E., & Hansson, H. (2021). Adjusting eco-efficiency to greenhouse gas emissions targets at farm level–The case of Swedish dairy farms. Journal of Environmental Management, 287, 112313. 

Martinsson, E., Hansson, H., Mittenzwei, K., & Storm, H. (2023). Evaluating environmental effects of adopting automatic milking systems on Norwegian dairy farms. European Review of Agricultural Economics, jbad041.

Elin Martinsson


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