Monika Hartmann
  • Institute for Food and Resource Economics
Research topics
  • Information and communication in the food sector
  • Food demand and consumer protection policies
  • Ethical consumption
  • Corporate Social Responsibility in the food sector
  • Competitiveness of the food sector
Selected publications

Birkle, I., Klink-Lehmann, J., Hartmann, M. (2022): Different and alike: Level and determinants of public acceptance of fattening pig, beef cattle and broiler farming in Germany. Meat Science, Special Issue 193(108946). Link.

Marcus, N., Klink-Lehmann, J., Hartmann, M. (2022): Exploring factors determining German consumers’ intention to eat meat alternatives, Food Quality and Preference: 104610. Link.

Macht, J., Klink-Lehmann, J., Piqueras-Fiszman, B., Hartmann, M. (2021): Insights into the organic labelling effect: the special case of wine, British Food Journal. Link.

Yeh, C.-H.; Hartmann, M. (2021): To Purchase or Not to Purchase? Drivers of Consumers’ Preferences for Animal Welfare in Their Meat Choice, Sustainability 13(16), 9100. Link.

Lerro, M.; Yeh, C.-H.; Klink-Lehmann, J.; Vecchio, R.; Hartmann, M.; Cembalo, L. (2021): The Effect of Moderating Variables on Consumer Preferences for Sustainable Wines, Food Quality and Preference. Link.

Monika Hartmann


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