Data science in agricultural economics

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The research of the group focuses on developing and applying novel data science tools in the area of agricultural and environmental economics. 

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Dr. Hugo Storm

Junior Research Group Leader, Data science in agricultural economics, PhenoRob

+49 228 73-60828


We are part of the Cluster of Excellence PhenoRob. PhenoRob aims to enhance the sustainability of crop production by optimizing breeding and farm management using new technologies. Our focus in in PhenoRob is on studying the economic and environmental aspects of farm level agricultural technology. Here, we aim to understand under which conditions farmers adopt novel technologies, how they are used in practice and what economic and environmental consequences result from this. With this we aim to contribute to answering the simple, but challenging, question of “how to produce more with less”.

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We are involved in multiple DFG and EU Horizon funded research projects.

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Currently no open position. 



PhD Students


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