Project PhenoRob


Funded as a DFG Cluster of Excellence, this project seeks to find technological solutions to agriculture's pressing sustainable challenges.

PhenoRob performs world-leading research in robotics and phenotyping for sustainable crop production. Our vision is to transform crop production by optimizing breeding and farming management through developing and deploying new technologies. PhenoRob addresses a real-world problem with a technology-oriented approach. Our scientists have backgrounds in computer science, geodesy, robotics, plant science, soil science, economics, and environmental science. This interdisciplinary team forms the only DFG-funded Cluster of Excellence focusing on agriculture.

PhenoRob has six Core Projects

1) In-Field 4D Crop Reconstruction

2) Relevance Detection of Crop Features

3) The Soil-Root Zone

4) Autonomous In-Field Intervention

5) New Field Arrangements

6) Technology Adoption and Impact

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Prof. Dr. Wuepper

Prof. Dr. Wuepper

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