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Elena Zurli

Nationality: Italian

Year of Graduation: 2017

MSc thesis
Developing a Functioning Seed Sector: an Evaluation Framework for Developing Countries

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Please tell us about your AFECO experience  and its benefits to your development

Coming from a development studies background, I was immediately drawn to the most policy-related classes offered by the MSc, therefore I majored in Agricultural and Development Policy. I also valued the opportunity to combine this major with exams on environmental sustainability and modelling, which trained me in quantitative areas that were unknown to me.

What is your current occupation?

I work for the Alliance of Bioversity International and CIAT (CGIAR) as Program Delivery Officer in the context of a JPO program funded by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

How did AFECO help you get where you are?

It gave me the competitive edge of learning the dynamics of the global food system along with gaining skills in policy and program analysis. The international environment did the rest of the trick.

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