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Alina Weinbrenner

Nationality: German

Year of Graduation: 2020

MSc thesis

Nudging Healthy Beverage Choice with Health Prompts: An Experimental Study in a University Canteen

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Please tell us about your AFECO experience  and its benefits to your development

I started my AFECO master's in 2017 and graduated in early 2020. I did my major in Market and Consumer Research as I am particularly interested in marketing and behavioural economics and already gained experience in marketing as a working student and intern during my bachelor's degree.

Alongside my studies, I gained valuable experience in the field of food quality, which was a great possibility to apply the theoretical knowledge I gained in AFECO in practice. AFECO has improved my knowledge in business while giving me a good background in agriculture with a focus on ag innovation and global challenges, since I did not have a deep knowledge of agricultural topics with my bachelor's degree in food science.

What is your current occupation?

I work as a Consultant in the area of sustainability marketing and communication at ELFIN Consulting GmbH in Cologne. The projects I work on are in the areas of strategic stakeholder communication and management, brand development and management, and content creation.

How did AFECO help you get where you are?

AFECO has helped me improve my English skills and become more confident in presenting in English in front of a larger audience. Through projects and teamwork, I learned to work with people from different backgrounds in a team collaboratively towards a goal. The assignments and project work gave me an understanding of scientific work and prepared me for my professional life in the best possible way. I have learned to work and learn in a structured and consistent way to meet deadlines. The combination of economics, agricultural topics, individual work, and teamwork has prepared me optimally for my professional life.

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