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Our mission
The transition towards a sustainable bioeconomy
Tailor your Study Program
Specialize your AFECO program in the field of Agribusiness, Agricultural and Development Policy, Resource and Environmental Economics, or Market and Consumer Research
Career Prospects
Whether in the private or public sector, locally or internationally, our graduates are in high demand in the labor market
Our mission
Tailor your Study Program
Career Prospects

MSc Study Program on Agricultural and Food Economics (AFECO)

Will we be able to feed the world in 2050? How do farmers handle the economic challenges and opportunities of globalized world markets? How do producers and processors react to the consumers’ permanently increasing requirements for food safety and sustainability? How can natural resources be preserved by a competition-oriented and sustainable agrifood sector?

Agricultural economics provides answers to these and other questions. Key global challenges such as a growing global population, increasing land use conflicts, or climate change will continue to demand this type of expertise in the future. The international Master study program „Agricultural and Food Economics“ (AFECO) provides you with the necessary knowledge and skills to answer this demand. The program will qualify you for leadership activities in the private sector, public administrations and research institutes. Find out more about our study program, the career prospects of our graduates and experiences of our alumni on this website.

Application deadline

The Master AFECO Application deadline is April 30th (for the next winter semester - strongly recommended) or October 31st (for the next summer semester).

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Our four Majors

These are the four majors offered in the international Master study program „Agricultural and Food Economics“ (AFECO):

  • Agribusiness
  • Resource and Environmental Economics
  • Market and Consumer Research
  • Agricultural and Development Policy

Our mission

To educate the next generation of decision-makers who will help steering our society on the transition toward a sustainable global bioeconomy.

To that effect, our program equips students with state-of-the-art theoretical, methodological and sectoral knowledge and skills. We encourage holistic thinking in a systemic perspective, from farmer to consumer and from local to global scale. 

Our diverse teaching formats encourage the development of problem-solving skills needed for individual and team-oriented positions in management and research. We support individual profiling, not least by offering the possibility to major in the fields of Agribusiness (ABS), Resource and Environmental Economics (ENV), Market and Consumer Research (MAC), or Agricultural and Development Policy (APO). Our international study program is taught entirely in English and reflects the diversity of potential employers in agribusiness, the food industry, NGOs, public authorities as well as public and private research institutes. The agri-food sector is characterized by globalization and international trade relations, and the interdisciplinary and intercultural skills that students develop through their Master program in order to further contribute to their successful professional careers.

AFECO escursion
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AFECO Newsletter

This is a student-run newsletter, and we would love to get your input. We will be happy to hear from you if you want to contribute with information or share experiences.

AFECO Contact

Dr. Nicolas Gerber

Institute for Food and Resource Economics (ILR)
University of Bonn
Nußallee 19

E-Mail: afeco@ilr.uni-bonn.de
Phone: +49 228 73-3036

Office hours:
Tuesdays and Thursdays: 9.30 – 11.30
Appointment by e-mail: ngerber@uni-bonn.de

Double Degress & International Cooperations

Bonn-Wageningen Cooperation  - BOWACO


The Double-Degree Program "BOWACO" („one study program – two degrees“) with the University of Wageningen/NL. Students participating in this program will study the first year at the University Bonn and in the second year at the University of Wageningen.



The European Master’s programme in Agricultural, Food and Environmental Policy Analysis (AFEPA) is jointly organised by four European main partner universities and four associated partners. The programme is policy oriented, focused on economic analysis, but with a strong multidisciplinary component.

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