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AFEPA - European Master’s programme in Agricultural, Food and Environmental Policy Analysis

The European Master’s programme in Agricultural, Food and Environmental Policy Analysis AFEPA is a joint programme (120 ECTS) for students interested in the economic analysis of agricultural and environmental policies. AFEPA offers a joint curriculum by four main partner universities: Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore (UCSC) in Italy, University of Bonn (UBonn) in Germany, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) in Sweden and Université Catholique de Louvain (UCL) in Belgium. The Master‘s programme facilitates mutual learning and offers a genuine international learning experience to students at least at two main partner universities. Our graduates are prepared for leadership positions in the fields of agri-food and trade policy, environmental and natural resource policy, agribusiness and market research and analysis, and development policy.

Why choose AFEPA?

Top universities

The four main partner universities are recognized world-wide for the quality of their scientific achievements.


AFEPA students study at least at two European partner universities and participate in the annual summer school.

High-level education

Our students get outstanding education in a research-centred and collaborative environment and comprehensive support.

Cultural and disciplinary diversity

AFEPA welcomes applications from international students. Our students come from more than 50 countries with backgrounds in economic, agricultural and environmental study programmes.

Great career opportunities

Graduates are well qualified to take responsibilities in international, national and non-governmental organisations as well as private sector companies. They are also well prepared for doctoral studies.

What's new at AFEPA
AFEPIANS climb the Drachenfels

AFEPIANS climb the Drachenfels, where you have the best view of Bonn and the surrounding area all the way to Cologne.

Scholarship information

The funding period by the EACEA has ended. There are no EMJMD scholarships available for the 2024 intake. UCSC offers the opportunity to get fully or partially exempted from tuition fees thanks to a scholarship awarded by Fondazione Invernizzi (https://www.fondazioneinvernizzi.it/it/site/about) and scholarships awarded directly by UCSC. Read more here.

AFEPA Alumni Talk on Saturday, November 4th at 5 pm CET

On Saturday, November 4th at 5 pm CET, we will all meet at the  #AFEPA Alumni Talk, an exciting event that offers a unique opportunity for current and recently graduated AFEPIAns to connect with alumni. Gremary Aza Mengoa, Eleanor Gardner and Dr. Verena Laquai will share their experiences, insights and career journeys, offering valuable perspectives on the opportunities after studying the AFEPA programme via Zoom. Please contact info@afepa.eu for more details.

AFEPA Summer School 2023

The Summer School 2023 took place in Piacenza, Italy from 28 July to 4 August 2023.

How to get in

Individuals from all countries can apply for the AFEPA programme. Before considering an application, verify that your profile fits into what we are looking for. 

Application deadline

 The period for applications for the AFEPA master's programme for 2024 has come to an end.

Your opportunities after AFEPA

Our graduates are well qualified to become decision-makers and take responsibilities in international, national and regional agencies, NGOs, professional organisations and private companies in the fields of agriculture, food, development and the environment.


employment rate


employed in less than one month after graduation


pursue a PhD

"Apply! There are so many wonderful experiences which are unique to the AFEPA programme which you will learn and benefit from, personally and academically."

Eleanor Gardner (Class 2022) – United Kingdom

What you need to know before you start studying AFEPA

AFEPA Handbook

In the AFEPA Handbook you can find detailed information on the AFEPA Master’s Programme and on the main academic partner universities.                                                                  

Student Agreement

Our students sign an agreement with the AFEPA programme coordinator. The agreement details the rights and duties of students in the programme.                                                  


The four partner universities impose different tuition and administrative fees. The AFEPA consortuim may ask for additional fees for the annual summer school.

Financing and Support

The current funding period by the European Education and Culture Executive Agency has ended. There are no scholarships available for the 2024 intake.                                  



AFEPA Coordination Office

University of Bonn
Institute for Food and Resource Economics
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Email: info@afepa.eu

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