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Agricultural Policy Evaluation-backup

Agricultural policy evaluation using micro data


Agri-environmental schemes (AES) are the most important pillar-two measures of the European Union Common Agricultural Policy designed to improve the environmental state of cultivated areas. Farmers participate in AES on a voluntary base and commit to produce at higher environmental standards. No consensus exists, whether AES provide critical incentives for farmers to adopt more environmentally friendly practices or simply allow windfall profits for those already operating at lower intensities. The core question in the evaluation of AES is whether a causal relationship between farmers’ AES participation and adjusted farming-practice can be empirically substantiated. Within this project, we aim at identifying the causal effect of AES participation on environmental outcomes using the potential outcome framework. We employ different variants of DID-matching to estimate the average treatment effect and we develop a qualitative causal model to make underlying behavioral assumptions transparent.


Prof. Dr. Silke Hüttel
Dr. Reinhard Uehleke
Prof. Dr. Martin Petrick (IAMO, Halle/S and Gießen University)



Dr. Reinhard Uehleke ([Email protection active, please enable JavaScript.])