Prof. Dr. Thomas Heckelei

Professor for Economic and Agricultural Policy

I am responsible for leading and managing the chair's research and teaching efforts.

Dean for the Faculty of Agriculture

I am responsible for overseeing the academic and administrative functions of the agriculture faculty at a university of Bonn.

About me

I received my doctoral degree in Agricultural Economics from Washington State University in 1995 and my degree of habilitation from Bonn University in 2002. After a short assistant professor period at Washington State University I joined the University of Bonn as full professor in the summer of 2003. My research focuses on the quantitative analysis of agri-environmental and trade policies. Methodologically, a significant part of my contributions draw the connection betwenn economic simulation models and empirical approaches. Bayesian econometric tools receive considerable attention in my work on the empirical parameterization of economic models. I currently have a reduced teaching schedule as I serve as the Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture at the University of Bonn.

Avatar Heckelei

Prof. Dr. Thomas Heckelei


Nussallee 21

53115 Bonn

+49 228 732332

Affiliation (Institute for Food and Resource Economics (ILR), University of Bonn)

Research interests

Analysis of agricultural and environmental policies

Agricultural sector and trade modelling

Bayesian and applied econometrics


2002  Habilitation, University of Bonn
1995  Ph.D. Agricultural Economics and Economics at Washington State University, Pullman, August 1995
1991  "Diplom" in Agricultural Economics and Rural Sociology at University of Bonn
1990 Masters of Arts in Agricultural Economics at Washington State University, Pullman


Current courses in bachelor program:
Agricultural and Environmental Policy (Agricultural Policy)Economics III (Politics)

Current courses in master program:
Special Project in Agricultural and Development Policy

Current courses in doctoral program
Advanced Applied Econometrics (doctoral program version)
Machine learning in applied economics

Previously taught
Advanced Applied Econometrics: master program version (University of Bonn)
Angewandte Mikroökonomik „Neoklassik“ (University of Bonn)
Applied Trade Theory and Policy (University of Bonn)
European and International Agricultural Policy (University of Bonn)
Introduction to Econometrics (Washington State University)
Microeconomics (University of Bonn)
Crops, livestock and their economic significance: Department of Economics (University of Bonn)
Politics and Markets in the Food Industry: Politics (University of Bonn)
Policy Analysis Seminar (University of Bonn)
Publishing and Writing in Agricultural Economics (doctoral program)
Quantitative Methods in Ag-Business (Washington State University)
Research Seminar in Agricultural and Development Policy (University of Bonn)

Stipend of the "Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft" in support of research on Positive Mathematical Programming Models, 2000/2001
Scholarship of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) for participation in Ph.D. program at WSU, 1992/93
Outstanding graduation award for best Diploma in Agricultural Economics, University of Bonn, Spring 1991
Exchange scholarship between Washington State University and University of Bonn (Fall 1989 and Spring 1990)
Award for excellence in teaching, Agricultural Faculty at the University of Bonn, 2013
Award for excellence in teaching, University of Bonn, 2015
Board member of the International Agricultural Trade Research Council (IATRC, 2007 – 2009)
Chair of the Taiwanese-German Association for Economic and Social Research since 2007
Editor of the European Review of Agricultural Economics (until December 2011)
American Agricultural Economics Association (AAEA)
European Association of Agricultural Economist (EAAE)
German Association of Agricultural Economist (GeWiSoLa)
Vice dean for research and young researchers, Agricultural Faculty of the University of Bonn (2013 – 2016)
Chair of the EAAEP Foundation since 2012
DFG Fachkollegiat since April 2016

Schröder, Lilli Aline: Quantitative modelling of the Rural Development Programs of the Common Agricultural Policy - EU-wide and region-specific effects, 2020
Amrouk, El Mamoun: Price dynamics and interaction of international cash crop and staple food markets, 2020
Gebrekidan, Bisrat Haile: Modelling the dynamics of land use & intensification in the Kilombero Valley, Tanzania, 2020
Götze, Franziska: Demand for organic food in Switzerland, 2019
Khalili, Hamed: Spatial competition of learning agents in agricultural procurement markets, 2019
Bassey, Nkoyo Etim: Post-harvest losses in Sub-Saharan Africa – measurement concepts and economic assessment of reduction strategies, 2018
Zhang, Yinan: Conceptualising and estimating rationalised agricultural optimisation models, 2018
Zavelberg, Yvonne: Imperfect competition in an oligopsonistic setting - A study on the German raw milk market, 2016
Rasch, Sebastian: Resilience, collapse and reorganization of a rangeland socio- ecological system in South Africa, 2016
Huseynov, Rashad: Welfare and Economy-Wide Effects of Azerbaijan’s Accession to the World Trade Organization: A Quantitative Assessment, 2015
Grosche, Stephanie: Price effects from the financialization of agricultural commodity markets, 2015
Storm, Hugo: Methods of analysis and empirical evidence of farm structural change, 2014
Kempen, Markus: EU wide analysis of the Common Agricultural Policy using spatially disaggregated data, 2013
Götz, Christian: Economic incentives of the WTO dispute settlement system with an empirical focus on the agro-food sector, 2012
Zimmermann, Andrea: Empirical analysis of farm structural change at EU level, 2012
Annen, Dominic N.: Farm Animal Welfare: Measurement and Compliance, 2012
Schlüter, Simon W.: Impact of regulatory measures on international trade in meat products, 2012
Adenäuer, Lucie: Foreign Direct Investment in the Agribusiness Sector, 2011
Becker, Arno: Impact of European bioful policies on global bioful and agricultural markets, 2011
Doerr, Rainer: Agrarpolitische Willensbildung in Deutschland, in der Europäischen Union und auf internationalen Ebene, 2009
Heidecke, Claudia: Economic analysis of water use and management in the Middle Drâa valley of Morocco, 2009
Gocht, Alexander: Methods in Economic Farm Modelling, 2009
Junker, Franziska: Trade liberalisation between the EU and the Mercosur countries: An economic assessment for the case of beef, 2009
Gruber, Ina: The Impact of Socio-Economic Development and Climate Change on Livestock Management in Benin, 2008
Jansson, Torbjoern: Econometric specification of constrained optimization models, 2007
Adenäuer, Marcel: Modelling the European Sugar Sector - Incentives to Supply Sugar Beets and Analysis of Reform Options, 2006
Wieck, Christine: Development of Marginal Cost Distributions in Dairy Production Regions of the EU, 2005
Bauer, Kai: EU-Enlargement: Perspectives for Agriculture and Rural Areas in Major Accession Countries, 2005
Bilame, Odass: Performance and Prospects of Agriculture during Structural Adjustment Programmes in Tanzania, 2003

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