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Welcome to our website, Our research focuses on the quantitative economic analysis of agri-environmental and trade policy measures at different scales.

We collaborate with partners in a large and diverse  international network, providing students and young researchers with an internationally-oriented learning and research environment. Our team has a wealth of experience in this field, as evidenced by the diverse career paths of our former staff.

Whether you are a student, researcher, or simply interested in the economic analysis of agri-environmental and trade policy measures, we hope you will find valuable information on our website. Thank you for visiting.

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Prof. Dr. Thomas Heckelei

Head of Group Economic and Agricultural Policy

Kristin Nitsche


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Our past and current research revolves around four main areas: agri-food policies, methods and tools for quantitative economic analysis, structural change in agriculture, and agri-environmental systems. We are committed to conduct high-quality, internationally visible research in these areas and collaborate with partners from academia, government, and industry. Our work has important implications for the sustainability and resilience of agricultural and food systems. 

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We aim to better understand the economic, social and environmental impacts of agri-environmental and trade policies on the agricultural and food systems at different scales. We mostly employ quantitative empirical and simulation modelling tools complemented with qualitative approaches.  The results of our work shall provide valuable insights and recommendations to policy makers and industries on policy measures to support sustainable agri-food systems.

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We contribute to the development of advanced methods and tools for quantitative economic analysis. This involves the adaptation and use of mathematical modeling, (Bayesian) econometrics, machine learning and computer simulations.  Our researchers are trained in the latest technologies and techniques in this field. 

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Agricultural practices and processes have a significant impact on the environment and the latter in turn determines the productivity of agriculture. In order to support the sustainability transformation of the agricultural system, we examine the complex relationships between agricultural practices (including management, land use, and technology adoption) and the ecosystem.

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Current farm structures are the result of a long-term, dynamic processes of adjusting to changes in economic, technological and social drivers. Our group contributes research to understand farm structural change and the interaction of farm structure with agricultural productivity and environmental footprint.  

Current Projects

Robotics and Phenotyping for Sustainable Crop Production 

Period: 01/2020 - 12/2024
Sponsor program: DFG
Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Cyrill Stachniss and Prof. Dr. Heiner Kuhlmann, Sprecher
Team at ILR: Maria Gerullis, Linmei Shang, Dr. Sebastian Rasch, Prof. Dr. Thomas Heckelei.

Better Agri-food Trade Modelling for Policy Analysis

Period: 2020 - 2024
Sponsor program: Horizon 2020 EU Research and Innovation programme
Coordinator: Karine Latouche, INRA, France
Team at ILR: Dr. Yaghoob Jafari, Helena Engemann, Prof. Dr. Thomas Heckelei

Future-making and social-ecological transformation 

Period: 2018 - 2025
Sponsor program: DFG
Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Michael Bollig and Prof. Dr. Britta Klagge
Team at ILR: Prof. Dr. Thomas Heckelei, Dr.Bisrat H.Gebrekidan, Dr.Hanna Ihli, Eva Salve Tino Bacud

Modelling Individual Decisions to Support the European Policies Related to Agriculture

Period: 2019 - 2023
Sponsor program: European Commission
Coordinator: John Helming, WUR, The Netherlands 
Team at ILR: Linmei Shang, Prof. Dr. Thomas Heckelei

Integrated Transformation Processes and Their Regional Implementations

Period: 2019 - 2022
Sponsor program: Bio-Economy Science Center
Coordinator: Sandra Venghaus, Forschungszentrum Jülich
Team at ILR: Dr. Yaghoob Jafari, Prof. Dr. Thomas Heckelei, Helena Engemann

Technology Choice and Genetic Pools in Plant Breeding

Period: 2022 - 2024
Sponsor program : Partially funded DFG
Coordinator: Maria Gerullis
Team at ILR: Maria Gerullis, Prof. Dr. Thomas Heckelei


At our chair, we offer a variety of courses within different study programs. These courses allow students to specialize in a specific area of interest and gain knowledge and skills in that field. Our courses are designed to be both challenging and rewarding, providing students with a well-rounded education. Some of the courses that we offer include:


Agrar- und Umweltpolitik, Teilmodul Agrarpolitik
6. Semester

Einführung in die Welternährungswirtschaft
6. Semester

Ökonomie III, Teilmodul Politik
4./6. Semester

Applied Trade Theory and Policy
term 3

European and International Agricultural Policy
term 1/3

term 1


Research Seminar in Agricultural and Development Policy
term 3

Seminar Policy Analysis
term 3

Special Project in Agricultural and Development Policy
term 3

Advanced Applied Econometrics
term 2

Research Seminar in Agricultural and Development Policy
term 2

Special Project in Agricultural and Development Policy
term 2  


Our group is a diverse and dynamic team, consisting of around 20 individuals dedicated to research, teaching and service. Together, we are committed to pushing the boundaries of knowledge on policies supporting sustainable agri-food systems but also to build and advance careers of the individuals involved.

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Thomas Heckelei

Avatar Nitsche

Kristin Nitsche

+49 228 73 - 2332

+49 228 73-994693

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Sheharyar Ahmed

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Eva Salve Bacud


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An N. Q. Cao

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Elif Dönmez Altindal

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Helena Engemann


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Dr. Monika Kesting

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Dr. Heinz-Peter Witzke

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Dr. Christian Götz

External Doctoral students:

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Ermias Engida


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Tesfaye Berhanu Woldeyohanes



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